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You’ll find plenty of advice on techniques and methods to
use for increasing sales. But which ones do you believe?
Which ones do you try? How do you know their methods will
produce the same results?

Many web site owners make the big mistake of trying the
“latest” and the “greatest”, thinking that they will see
the advertised results or at least a high percentage of it.
They may see an increase or just as likely see a reduction
in their current figures.

When you test and track you can be sure you’ll know the
answers to the questions just asked. In Step 2 we discussed
how to set up the split test and what to track. Now we’ll
look at the different things to test and track.

Step 3 – What To Test For Better Conversion

There are many elements contained in your web site sales
copy that can be tested…an overabundance at times! You
can even test different groups of elements. It is usually
best to start simple and test the most crucial element of
your sales copy… The Headline.

  1. Your Headline

This one element will break or make your web sales copy…
If it doesn’t grab your visitor’s attention, they won’t
bother to read any further down the page. Changing one word
can phenomenally improve your conversion rate and it can
also reduce it. If you only test headlines, you’ll still
come out way ahead of the sales conversion game.

  1. Pricing

There are times when a higher price will outpace a lower
one…if there is perceived value added. Test your market
to determine what it’s willing to pay for your information
or product.

  1. Graphics

Should you put a fancy header graphic on your web sale site
or not. Run a test of your sales copy… one without and
one with the graphic.

What else can you test? This list will give you some ideas:
Guarantee,Payment plan options,Pop ups,Sales copy length,
Bullets, Thank you page, Order page, Bonus offers etc.

This is a partial list…the most critical is still the
headline. Your testing should start there. Change one word,
change the color of the words or of selected words. Try two
different headlines or different fonts. The formula from
Step 2 will help you find your conversion rates for each
variable tested.http://www.mpstrategiesfirm.com

Two common question asked about Step 2 are: “My site has
very low traffic, should I still test?” and “With a lower
traffic site won’t the results be skewed if you don’t use
50 actions?”

Two excellent questions… Yes by all means you can begin a
split test even if own a low traffic site. In fact, test
becomes even more important because you want to make the
most from that traffic.

You won’t want to miss Step 4 when we reveal the secrets of
testing low traffic sites and how to use your test results
to increase your conversions.